Are witches sexy?

Really well done and entertaining. Nonsense topics, but told in a brittish accent, so it sounds intelligent. This podcast might be an attempt to make himself feel better for not being able to save Princess Leia when they were both on that plane, but I don't know.

I Don't Know?

This is a comical take on many topics related to parapsychology, psychics, aliens, conspiracies, and of course, all things host K-Mill doesn't know! It's almost like he may have learned to unlearn everything he knooooooowwwwws! Great job K-Mill, you make me laugh every ep!

Love this show!!

I look forward to this every week, K-Mill is a great host!

hilarious commentary on little known paranormal oddities

quickly became one of my fav podcasts - keith is hilarious and often makes me chortle in public much to the concern of people watching me on my daily walk. he finds these fantastic bizarre and not widely known anomalies and personalities that are very funny in their own right. every episode only ge…


Host is very entertaining and engaging. Interesting and entertaining. The topics are a wide variety. Detailed and descriptive with spooky, odd stories. Looking forward to more! Very intriguing!

Love the vampire epsiode!

K-Mill is a fantastic host, love the show! Keep up the awesome work!

Comedy and the occult!!

I can’t stop listening to this podcast! It is the perfect blend of Comedic charm and supernatural storytelling! I’m obsessed!! Keith has a great sense of humor and a knack for finding oddly satisfying source material mixed in with live interviews and fun vintage audio clips... do not miss the episo…

Hilarious, informative, and amazing

This podcast, while full of snarky quips, is full of interesting information that I don’t think I would have known about or thought about looking up until I had a listen. It’s one of my favorite podcasts out there right now. Super funny but also full of great stuff!


Interesting and hilarious!! Keith does a fantastic job!