Dec. 1, 2019

Episode 1: The Mermaid Inn

Episode 1: The Mermaid Inn

The Mermaid Inn in the olde town of Rye is England's most haunted pub.
K-Mill bravely leaves the safety of South London to meet attractive owner, Judith Blincow, to find out more.

K-Mill arrives in Rye on a cold and stormy evening to investigate just what is going on at The Mermaid Inn.

We uncover unnerving tales of smugglers, ghosts and chairs.

We also find out the shocking truth out Johnny Depp.

Thank you to Judith and the people at The Mermaid Inn.

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Scary music: "The Dread" Kevin MacLeod (
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Closing music: Professor and the Madman "Electroconvulsive Therapy"