I Don't Know the Podcast is a weekly sideways look at the paranormal hosted by K-Mill. Are ghosts real? What are UFO's? Are witches sexy? I don't know!

Produced and hosted by K-Mill from his secret studio in South London this podcast aims to find the answers to the world's unsolved mysteries.

There are visits to haunted locations like The Screaming Woods and The Mermaid Inn (Britain's most haunted pub).

There are interviews with people like Thom Reed from Netfix Unsolved Mysteries.

And, there are investigations into the just plain weird like intergalactic space pervert Simon Parkes.

Whatever the subject we will find out the things We Don't Know.


K-Mill is a multiple "Poll Results" winner and is Senior European Correspondent at The Unbelievers Podcast. Listen to K-Mill's guest co-host episode here: Episode 82 - UFO Europe: The Untold Stories | The Unbelievers Podcast | Spreaker